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What is Project Alpha?

Project Alpha is my small corner of the web.

I specialise predominantly in the hard-core mechanics behind PHP along with JavaScript and jQuery, MySQL, and CSS.

I am a lover of all things mathematical, statistical and so on, especially where these two collide with my first loves.

I have developed many websites and for numerous companies and I hope to continue on this this fashion, either as a consultant, freelancer or (in the ideal case) an employee

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Oh by the way

By ozzyd on Monday, June 12th, 2017 at 11:20 in News

Those appologies I issued a few months ago. I lied

New servers, new apps and so forth

By Ancan on Tuesday, June 6th, 2017 at 11:51 in News

Hi everyone.

All of us here are very, very excited as we've been looking very deep into some new techniques amongst us.

First of them is we've acquired a new server and a new switch to accommodate the infrastructure. We're very pleased with them and have been setting them up over the course of the past few days. No doubt more tweaking will ensue and some breakages - non-permanent breakages I might add!

When we say we've had a new server, in reality we've had five new servers, and by that I mean we've had a new one, and taken an existing one and made two virtual servers within the both of them. We've been setting up all the systems for all four of the new servers to communicate with each other on a base level, now we're going to do some Python calling on the top of that

Stay tuned! We might be letting people loose on our little "cloud"

Good Times.

Veriaan's Clock

By ozzyd on Tuesday, May 23rd, 2017 at 09:43 in News

Hello Everyone.

i've just ran a few pieces of data on our main server and can't help but notice that the clock is out by two hours. I will be looking into this personally. 

I am aware that the server uses code to poll internet time servers on a daily basis - I know, I wrote it myself - as over the course of a month, it has the tendency to gain an average of ten minutes.

I have no immediate reason as to why the clock should be behind by two hours, but I can imagine that certain issues may arise if networked devices' times don't sync, particularly Windows.

Will keep you all posted.



By ozzyd on Tuesday, May 23rd, 2017 at 09:37 in News

K7 C4 E0 V(4.9) Z(6.6) H8 U5 E6 B2 L9 J4 A5 Q8 S9 X5 Z8 U2 F3 X5 N9 {4} K2 W9 X5 N9 Z8 (E.S)2 A5 M2 X5 Y6 B2 N9 V0 (Q.N)8 M5 T6 E2 U5

Y0 E(6.2) Z8 Y4 E2 L9 T7 U5 W9 (T.Y.T)6 R1 D2 L3 Y4 (E.S)2 (L.A)9 H1 W9 (K.B)2 N3 H1 K2 Q4 N(8.1) P5 V0 X5 P6 V9

F3 J9 V7 A9 Q4 F3 C(4.9) S0 E6 Q(9.4) Y4 M5 T2 N8 M5 R1 C9 S2 K7 A(9.9) Y(2.6) F1 (E.Y)2 W9 E2 P5 Z8 J6 H(7.1) S0 M5 (E.L.N)8 M5 L3 M5 E2 V8 S0 F1 (S.D)2 N1 (S.L)9 (T.P)6 B2 V0 (N.F)9 E0 H9 Z8 W3 B2 U5 H(7.2) W3 Z8 K2 N3 H1 B2 R1 E0 H7 N1 K4 V7 D8 P6 (F.N)9 Z8 Y(6.9.4) U5 J6 F1 S2 F4

Z8 (E.T)6 V7 W3 (K.V)4 W3 K7 (B.S)2 P(3.5) T6 F1 P5 E0 C4 R1 L8 C4 P5 Q4 J6 F3 E2 Q4 B2 E0 J9 H5 T6 A5 H2 F1 (L.N)9 B2 W9 (V.C)4 R1 N3 (Y.E)2 Q4 F9 U5 W3 Z8 C0 V(4.0) Y0 R1 (Z.D)8 G0 S7 A5 V0 E2 Q4 Y2 H7 F4 R1 (N.E.L)8 A5 K2 L9 Q8 (H.F)1 N3 K4 R3 E8 N3 Z8 (F.H)1 (M.X.Z)5 N9 K2 V4 P8 C4 H7 L3 (W.Q)9 V0 U5 W3 Z8 E6 W3 H7 F9 V0 M5 N1 R3 B2 N3 H9 V4 E8 N1 S2 Y4 K2 M4

Q4 W3 G0 C4 Y6 U5 K2 V(4.4) C4 U5 Z8 T2 H5 Q9 V0 E6 (C.V)4 E0 X5 H(1.1) T2 R1 V4 R1 N3 H7 N8 W3 H1 Z8 L3 E6 W3 M2 R1 Q4 P6 S2 F(9.9) P6 M5 S(7.9) L3 V8 J9 K4 (P.H)8 E2 N3 C(4.4) D2 E(6.2) F3

By ozzyd on Friday, April 7th, 2017 at 15:27 in News

Hi everybody.

Those wanting access to over the past couple of days will by now have noticed that access requests by the server are being declined.

I woke up at 4:50am on Tuesday to the box running with its fans at full pelt and a worrysome sensation in my chest. Our little trouper has indeed passed away; it looks as though it is a processor failure, perhaps caused by a motherboard malfunction. All parts of the machine still fire up upon boot, but the fans are racing more than is healthy and the BIOS doesn't boot, either CPU or FSB failure.

As regards to the disks, I have no reason to believe there is any disk damage at the present moment. All data on the machine seems to be ALEKSI related anyway, aside from *tugs on collar* some Skrooge reports. We will be working on a fix for the l'il rascal in due course. Perhaps we can get a machine that will support more VMs than this one?

Please bear with us during this time and thank you for your patience.

The Project Alpha Service Team


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Information will appear here


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