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Project Alpha is my small corner of the web.

I specialise predominantly in the hard-core mechanics behind PHP along with JavaScript and jQuery, MySQL, and CSS.

I am a lover of all things mathematical, statistical and so on, especially where these two collide with my first loves.

I have developed many websites and for numerous companies and I hope to continue on this this fashion, either as a consultant, freelancer or (in the ideal case) an employee

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All the things

By ozzyd on Wednesday, July 27th, 2016 at 18:12 in HACKtivities

Well isn't it all a load of fun.

Our exit from the EU (yay!), a new PM (Yay!), a potential new leader of the opposition in the form of Owen Smith (Yay!) and Trump vs Clinton...

Oh boy. America's screwed badly! In my humble opinion, I'm with quite a number of high profile people whom I follow on Facer, Twitbook, Googlegram and Instedit, Red+ and so forth in thinking that the questionable Trump is greater than the satanic halfwit Clinton. I mean after all, Clinton is better as a comic book villain ...erm perhaps not. I mean after all, FLICK isn't used for the same reason CLINT would be banned.

An interesting call from Trump for the Russian's to hack Cunton's ... ahem*, CLINTon's e-mail address may be something that would be comical to us, amusing to the followers and bait for the opposition, I honestly don't think Trump could say anything to stop him from being better than that witch.

Oh and whilst I'm on this subject, I am amused and shocked at a piece that was said a few days ago whence people high up in the US "establishment" said "England shouldn't get involved in US politics". Or something to that effect, that's how I read it and I can't remember where I cited this. Nevertheless, excuse me? Who came over here to suggest we should remain in the EU, Obama? You keep your nose out and we'll keep ours out lol. How do you like them apples?

Anyway yes into the present, so many thing are happening here as to make me wonder exactly what's real and not any more. The idea of living one day at a time is all we can do. Still, Psalm 37 rings strong in my mind, along with many others' right now.

I would like to make this longer, jollier and longer with more cohesion, but my head won't allow it. Keep you posted.

I wanna "take away [my] pizza hot"!

By ozzyd on Thursday, July 2nd, 2015 at 13:17 in HACKtivities

I have threatened to put comedy on my website because it's just everywhere if you care or even dare to look for it. The problem is essentially that not everything is funny to everyone else all the time... if at all, so I'm just going to sit back with this one and see what happens.

People who know me will know that I have this passion for the English language. So far, I classify grammar as being a form of politeness that is required when talking. This comes, so far at least, in four distinct groups. Top of this list is the well formed phrase, passing down through "looks all right", to "That really doesn't look right at all", all the way down to the fourth which is complete gibberish.

This chance encounter one day sticks awkwardly between the second and third categories. I took this picture in front of a pizza counter in the local ASDA branch in Shepshed. The shop sells three different kinds of pizza; the brand names, such as "Goodfellows", and others which are avaialble and arguably as good. Then ASDA make their own, most of which are made cold and are shrink-wrapped so the customer can take them home and heat at their leisure. However, this store is one which offers pizzas made before your eyes. Nothing special, but as the signage tries to indicate for an extra £1 you can take it home hot!

Ok so that's the outline of what this picture's about; let's destroy the picture. "Take away your pizza hot?"? I'm going to take it for granted that everyone knows what this phrase implies; cold pizza, ovens, extra pound, "hot". Despite this, I must have spent a good five minutes wandering around the shop with friends, gestating on this five word oddity. It's a rather curious thing that if you want your pizza hot, you say "I want my pizza hot", but in my mind that's where my usage of the phrase stops. If I wanted take the pizza away hot, then why not just say that! "Take your pizza away hot"! ... "FOR £1 EXTRA!"

What's really interesting is this is something you MIGHT be inclined to say, then you look at it and feel silly reading it... then try saying it. I felt a right fool.

My first worry about this was actually the word order! I thought this rant would be turn "Take away your pizza hot?" into "Take your pizza away hot?", but the more I look and think about it, that question mark is an insult as much as it is comical. That bent bit should be straight ... where have I heard that before recently?


Also don't get me started on the "Just ask". Cause it could imply, if you're annoying like me, that with this delicious pizza they've made for you, you give them the money plus the extra pound, they'll put it in the oven and then make you wave good-bye to it. This makes me cry ... cause no pizza.

Sad blogger :(

Project Alpha may be getting faster!

By ozzyd on Thursday, June 25th, 2015 at 14:20 in Core

Hey everyone!

You know how for the past few hours our internet has been up and down? Well, good news! It's back and I've (hopefully) ported all that gunk from our HomeHub2 to our shiny new BusinessHub5 ... well ... one of them (BT sent us FOUR HomeHub5s, would you believe)

This above means we've shaken off the old copper wire for some lovely shiny new fibre-optic shenanigens to make everything, as is stated but yet to be seen, "super"-fast!

Anyway, a bank of blue lights is before me, our bounceback e-mail has just returned and confirmed that our e-mail server *IS* running and naturally, you're reading this so Apache's working.

Subversion, IRC and hopefully if our connection supports it Minecraft, will be following along in the next few days.

Keep on truckin'


How can you get data to us?

By ozzyd on Thursday, May 19th, 2016 at 09:10 in WifiTracker

Ian's software, Wifi Tracker, has some rather useful inventions inside of it in order to help get data from the device to our central command. These were what helped us decide to use Wifi Tracker in the first place!

Firstly, there is a web address uploading feature. Under the options menu, there is an option which states "Webserver URL", to which you can type in "" and the app will do the rest. If you want to, you can add your username and password which will help us identify who you are. At the moment we don't use this, but in due time this will become a feature rather like an IRC nick - You can submit data anonymously, or you can log in as a verified logger on our front-end to achieve a greater weightage of credibility. To protect credibility. a password can be assigned to the account. If the passwords don't match, we will still accept the data but anonymously. Beware when choosing a password as data is sent unencrypted... so either use something new and simple, or change often.

Because we've had "issues" with this service, we also will be accepting the CSV files the app creates when you select the "Log to file" option under the opetions menu. This CSV file is created under the root directory of the SD card in a file called wifiscan.csv (unfortunately this can't be changed - sad face)

An upload feature will be supplied, or you can upload them to a special e-mail account set up to read CSVs as they come in.

What is WiFi Tracker?

By ozzyd on Tuesday, June 16th, 2015 at 16:45 in WifiTracker

I remember from my high school days, one source of "fun" was to travel around the towns and cities nearby where we lived with a laptop under our arms running programs similar to WinPCap; which searched for wireless access devices, logging the times we saw them and their strengths at those times.

It was a real shame that at the time GPRS was coming alive, but had yet to make itself known on most of these devices. Sure, you could get GPRS dongles, but none of the software we had could use those to handle our requests. Fortunately, in the modern day, this phenomena is over.

There is an app in the Google Play store that can be downloaded for free. It's called "Wifi Tracker" by Ian Hawkins (if it works why reinvent the wheel??) Which allows us to do just what we used to do in the old days only with the advantage of having GPRS ready devices to log where these devices appeared as well as when. We then feed all this information into a Google Maps API where we review it as a heat map.

The technology is really useful and can have some rather interesting technical uses, rather than just the "we can do it, so let us do so" mentality of many programmers. We can go into those later.

The front-end of the site, as well as most of the back-end, are both still in alpha testing, despite being publicaly accessible in a read-only format. They are fairly simple and straightforward at the moment. This is probably going to change as problems and errors crop in; as they have and do from time to time!

Naturally, "Wifi Tracker" isn't the only app out there, but it's the one we support at the moment. We will endeavour to support more as the need arises (I have no idea if Ian has a version of Wifi Tracker that works away from the Android platform, e.g on Windoze phones or iDevices ... but frankly I coulnd't care less)


Information will appear here


Information will appear here


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