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Oliver said on 11:24:15 24-Oct-2014

Yeah, I'm gonna be quite naughty now. This is my Costa Codes thread and the reason I called it this is because of one simple reason:

Every now and then, it's not that common but I believe the way things are going is it's going to, I go into places and there are doors with code locks on them ... to go into toilets! Now these aren't staff only toilets; this is a mechanism employed to ensure that you BUY something before you use their facilities

Let's look into this because I'm an inquisitive and observent person, and this applies to the Costa Coffee shop in the Belvoir Road Shopping Precinct thing in Coalville - I mean listed at "20-22 New Broadway". I went in one day with a friend and noticed that the loo was locked. I also noticed that the code was placed neatly on the bottom of a printout. I went in for a second time and noticed that this code hadn't changed. Looking at the lock, I couldn't help but wonder just how easy - or if not - difficult it would be to change the code, but not only that who would have to be called out to change the default text on the bottom of the printout slips to change the code

Now I don't want say the code's 4687 ... number, but I'm fairly confident that this number won't change very often... if it does, then I would love to know!

Oliver said on 19:08:54 18-Dec-2014

This number's not changed.


Information will appear here


Information will appear here


+44 (0) 7535 692215
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