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Oliver said on 18:12:18 27-Jul-2016

Well isn't it all a load of fun.

Our exit from the EU (yay!), a new PM (Yay!), a potential new leader of the opposition in the form of Owen Smith (Yay!) and Trump vs Clinton...

Oh boy. America's screwed badly! In my humble opinion, I'm with quite a number of high profile people whom I follow on Facer, Twitbook, Googlegram and Instedit, Red+ and so forth in thinking that the questionable Trump is greater than the satanic halfwit Clinton. I mean after all, Clinton is better as a comic book villain ...erm perhaps not. I mean after all, FLICK isn't used for the same reason CLINT would be banned.

An interesting call from Trump for the Russian's to hack Cunton's ... ahem*, CLINTon's e-mail address may be something that would be comical to us, amusing to the followers and bait for the opposition, I honestly don't think Trump could say anything to stop him from being better than that witch.

Oh and whilst I'm on this subject, I am amused and shocked at a piece that was said a few days ago whence people high up in the US "establishment" said "England shouldn't get involved in US politics". Or something to that effect, that's how I read it and I can't remember where I cited this. Nevertheless, excuse me? Who came over here to suggest we should remain in the EU, Obama? You keep your nose out and we'll keep ours out lol. How do you like them apples?

Anyway yes into the present, so many thing are happening here as to make me wonder exactly what's real and not any more. The idea of living one day at a time is all we can do. Still, Psalm 37 rings strong in my mind, along with many others' right now.

I would like to make this longer, jollier and longer with more cohesion, but my head won't allow it. Keep you posted.


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