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Oliver said on 22:29:33 26-Dec-2014

Hello All;

As you may have noticed, the default location in Equinox for social media buttons is below the left menu bar. With the recent addition of the Reddit button to our media bar, I've been getting a little concerned over the placement of the boxes

With Twitter, LinkedIn, the Facebook Logos and Google all being of similar sizes, I manage to make them all sit comfortably on the left bar. (three abreast, floated left in the CSS if you're interested)

With the additon of the Reddit submit box, however, having chosen the layout I liked, things seemed to go awry. As could be seen, the Reddit button is slightly smaller than the others, and the result of this was that it messed most of the layouts up. When I say "messed", I mean it made it look a shambles.

In a desperate attempt to bring everything back in line, and unless you haven't noticed it, may I bring to your attention a small change in the config files of Equinox, chiefly a new entry in the Zoner (site-config/core.conf.php) called "tester", and to "use_display" (prelib.d/prelib.conf.php) from "mod1-upper" or so to "tester", which pushes the six social media buttons to the bottom of each page.

Feedback would be wonderful. I'm not quite sure if I should put them at the top...




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