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Oliver said on 14:20:22 25-Jun-2015

Hey everyone!

You know how for the past few hours our internet has been up and down? Well, good news! It's back and I've (hopefully) ported all that gunk from our HomeHub2 to our shiny new BusinessHub5 ... well ... one of them (BT sent us FOUR HomeHub5s, would you believe)

This above means we've shaken off the old copper wire for some lovely shiny new fibre-optic shenanigens to make everything, as is stated but yet to be seen, "super"-fast!

Anyway, a bank of blue lights is before me, our bounceback e-mail has just returned and confirmed that our e-mail server *IS* running and naturally, you're reading this so Apache's working.

Subversion, IRC and hopefully if our connection supports it Minecraft, will be following along in the next few days.

Keep on truckin'



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