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Oliver said on 16:03:29 08-Oct-2014

Well, we at ProjectAlpha have been notified of the rarest of rare things on the internet, known as an orphaned support page.

Firstly, hands up if you've heard of one of these. No? Well let me explain just a little. An orphaned support page is where a company or companies say they will give their backing to a specific charity, event, or whatever, get the campaign started and then through some reason or another decide not to persue it. Now, I'm looking at this site which had no header that said simply "supports"!

Moments later, after being contacted by the site hosters, I put up a rather clumsily put together image for the blank space which matches the shocking colour scheme.

Anyway that's by-the-by. Oh and yes, I DO know of the persons whom pulled out of this venture and the reasons why, but I'm going to stick to my principles and say nothing. Despite this, I may be sound enough in my principles to not tell who did this atrocity, but I'm corrupt enough to be bought ( and don't forget to select the ParkHome Campaign select button near the bottom!)

Well here is the website: it's; a lovely mangled piece of work with a link to a petition on the UK government's website ( and information which can be used to contact people who know more about this than I claim to!

All I know is, that is before I switched off, that this is a campaign to help raise awareness about people living in chalets around the UK. The general worry is that these buildings which (I'm afraid to say) in some cases are little more than glorified caravans, whilst they are well kept by their owners and are immaculate in the majority of cases, are not built up to building standards, are not maintained to building standards, and in many cases are occupied by people who either can't afford to bring them up to building standards or are put off by either the price or other peoples' work. The even bigger worry is that the elderly are more likely to be living in these conditions, quite happily I might add, but the worry is the onset of winter, rising fuel bills and of course the nemesis that is hypothermia.

The goal of this post is to see if we can't get some awareness and support for this project going, or perhaps someone to support the campaign, which as I mentioned has no main supporter, hence it's orphaned. Also, I have a side-bet on that doing quite little will see this post go somewhere quite high amongst the park home page rankings on Google and other search engines.

As an aside, ProjectAlpha will also be supporting donations to help towards the neediest of candidates. How to help can be found on our PayPal donation page (here) and by clicking on the ParkHome Campaign button will see your donation go into our goal pool.

Thank you for your time


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