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Ancan said on 15:20:18 07-Apr-2017

Just a friendly reminder for all you lot that seemed to not grasp any of our legal documentation:

We at Project Alpha don't take too kindly to misrepresentation, or the distortion of our data of any kind, or the republication outside of copyright; whether it be for self-gain or ones own credit, disapprobation over events

Anything posted to Project Alpha remains the IP of the poster, but will become protected under the PJA* banner in whatever scope the domain or subdomain allows in whatever locale the server is housed. Duplication is prohibited without permission from either the IP holder or PJA, preferably both.

There was something else I wanted to copy in on this, but it seems to have escaped me. I'll return to the Joomla project on the sandbox now until I remember it, or posts of clarification or whatever roll up.



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Information will appear here


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Project Alpha The home of Project Equinox