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Ancan said on 11:51:12 06-Jun-2017

Hi everyone.

All of us here are very, very excited as we've been looking very deep into some new techniques amongst us.

First of them is we've acquired a new server and a new switch to accommodate the infrastructure. We're very pleased with them and have been setting them up over the course of the past few days. No doubt more tweaking will ensue and some breakages - non-permanent breakages I might add!

When we say we've had a new server, in reality we've had five new servers, and by that I mean we've had a new one, and taken an existing one and made two virtual servers within the both of them. We've been setting up all the systems for all four of the new servers to communicate with each other on a base level, now we're going to do some Python calling on the top of that

Stay tuned! We might be letting people loose on our little "cloud"

Good Times.


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