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Oliver said on 16:34:03 06-Oct-2014

What the system does

Stage one of the Image of Images system takes in images and resizes them to the size roughly of a postage stamp (or more accurately 12px by 10px)

Why? These images are going to be reused as the basis of our stage 2 in a moment.

How the system does it

The system takes the image and removes any external parts of the image such that it is left with a 6:5 scale image from the centre of the image. The computer applies a mosaic such that 120 tiles can be produced. In turn the image is now reduced such that one tile is equivalent to one pixel.

This image is stored in a special directory on the system and is renamed in our instance using our ranges system to ensure uniqueness. The image is scanned for the mean average colour, and this along with the filename are stored in a database table for future use.


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Information will appear here


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