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ozzyd said on 16:54:17 16-Jun-2015

Ian's software, Wifi Tracker, has some rather useful inventions inside of it in order to help get data from the device to our central command. These were what helped us decide to use Wifi Tracker in the first place!

Firstly, there is a web address uploading feature. Under the options menu, there is an option which states "Webserver URL", to which you can type in "" and the app will do the rest. If you want to, you can add your username and password which will help us identify who you are. At the moment we don't use this, but in due time this will become a feature rather like an IRC nick - You can submit data anonymously, or you can log in as a verified logger on our front-end to achieve a greater weightage of credibility. To protect credibility. a password can be assigned to the account. If the passwords don't match, we will still accept the data but anonymously. Beware when choosing a password as data is sent unencrypted... so either use something new and simple, or change often.

Because we've had "issues" with this service, we also will be accepting the CSV files the app creates when you select the "Log to file" option under the opetions menu. This CSV file is created under the root directory of the SD card in a file called wifiscan.csv (unfortunately this can't be changed - sad face)

An upload feature will be supplied, or you can upload them to a special e-mail account set up to read CSVs as they come in.

steben02 said on 17:10:03 05-Apr-2016



Are you in a position to help me with wifitracker more so the webserver/url?



Oliver said on 09:16:15 19-May-2016

What exactly are you looking for in the way of help? I mean yes I can, but it depends on what needs doing. Tongue Out


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