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Oliver said on 00:25:41 16-Mar-2017

Oh by the way, WifiTracker is back in town. I'm going out wardriving and sucking up Wifi APs for our database.

We're also going to be looking into new ways of getting data to us. i.e., we'll make files uploadable on the Wifi Tracker website. We're going to be accepting CSV files from multiple sources; we'll sort out the rest!

Since I'm living in Coalville currently and working in Loughborough, I see a lot of roads that I've not wardriven around here. So I'm going to be hitting areas around here hard.

To see a full list of Wifi access points, please visit our website at

Oh and as for individual APs and their locations, we're only collating what we can access, so our maps may be changing soon to incorporate WEP, Open and named connections in a specific area of choice.

Keep you posted.


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Information will appear here


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